It ensures that farmers don’t have to purchase pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers and that means crops are cultivated with zero. So this kind of farming is known as zero budget natural farming. This program was launched by the government in 2015-16 in order to keep track of farmer’s welfare, consumer’s welfare, and for the conservation of the environment.  This was launched with multiple objectives and thus farmers were profited by this. It has been found that this program is very addressing in the climate changes. Also, zero budget natural farming has been with agro ecology in harmony.

It has a unique pathway as it has modern techniques to deal with any of the agricultural problems. So zero budget natural farming is a kind of practice in which we grow crops naturally without adding any fertilizers and pesticides. Of course, zero budget means it won’t require any cost of the crops and raw materials required as the government is providing them free of cost.

How does zero budget natural farming help the farmers to increase the income?

Since zero budget natural farming has several points so let us summarize them all and know that how much does it affecting the lifestyle of the farmers. So let us see how farmers get benefits from this scheme.

  • Before this scheme a farmer has to purchase all the raw materials and the types of equipment which are required for cultivation but when this scheme came over large population get benefited through it.
  • Farmers were not able to grow the number of crops required as per the raw material has cost them but after this scheme, there is an increase in the income of the farmers.
  • Also, after the crop has been grown it helps to retain the fertility of the soil so that we can use the soil again and again.
  • The raw materials and inoculations required are available in the form of cow dung and cow urine.
  • So now if they even have a loss in crop them they won’t have to regret it. and that is how it actually works.
  • This scheme has many benefits that help the farmers to get proper maintaining of the crops with proper material required and the equipment needed.
  • It also helps the farmers to get themselves better in terms of income and cultivation.

So in short zero budget natural farming has lots of benefits which helps the farmers to grow crops with zero interest and that is why they are able to earn a much higher income.


So it concludes that zero budget natural farming has a better impact on the farmers and they get benefited by this scheme. But still many of the farmers do not know about this scheme so it would be better if it is known by every farmer of the country in order to get the best of the facility. So this is the better way of farming.

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