India is known as an agricultural country. Most of our ancestors and past generations relied upon the practices of agriculture to earn their livelihood. So, you can judge from the first statement itself how much important agriculture is for India.

Even today, the people of several Indian villages practice agriculture. If you compare the figures of past and present years, India made a drastic change in the growth of food crops. There is a sharp rise in the agricultural production of India from last few years. The importance of agriculture in India has always remained more than in other countries.

How does agriculture help Indian people?

Food is the basic need of every man. In India, the agriculture income accounts for more than 16% of the total GDP of the country. Since centuries, this country is producing tea, spices, fruits, and pulses. India earns a large profit by exporting these items to other parts of the world.

Apart from revenue, there are some more reasons why agriculture is significant in India. It is the source of income for many families. In addition to that, the people in India are connected with their old lands because of which they prefer doing this activity.

Above 2/3rd of Indian population earns its income through agricultural products. Agriculture also plays a vital role in bringing up capital formation which will ultimately lead to rising in economic development.

Role of agriculture in feeding the large Indian population

India is the 2nd highest populated country in the globe. With the ever-increasing population, it becomes necessary to increase agricultural production. Unlike before, India is now successful in providing food to maximum of its population. The reason is increasing the interest of Indian youth in agricultural activities.

Many youngsters are now coming forward to develop agricultural techniques and ways to reduce the cost and boost the yield per hectare.

How does the government help in increasing agricultural production?

Development of agro-based industries is being taken every year which leads to the development of agriculture. The government of India has decreased taxation on agricultural production.

Innovative techniques like drip irrigation are also practiced in India to save water as well as bring a high rise in yield.

Various horticultural universities are coming up today to motivate Indian youngsters to take up farming as their professional. These firms and institutions provide valuable lessons to the youngsters to develop agriculture.

Farmers are given loans, subsidies and other benefits so that they can grow more crops every year. Many harmless pesticides and insecticides have been introduced in the agricultural field these days.

In addition to this, the various magazines and farming books mention the latest techniques which farmers can adopt in agriculture.


Every Indian in some way or the other is connected with agriculture in day to day life. From daily to employment, the importance of agriculture in India is greater. Hopefully, India will emerge as the most advanced country in the world in agriculture in the coming years.

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