Weeds can grow in any type of soil. They are the biggest obstacles in the smooth growth of crops. It is tough to pull these weeds by hand. Cutting of the weeds does not give effective results.

Persistent herbicides are now used to remove weeds from the land. They are chemicals which can easily kill stubborn weeds in the soil. These herbicides can even kill bed straws and thistles and do not harm the animals or water mammals. The persistent herbicide has many advantages and disadvantages. They are as under:


1. Simple to use

Pulling of weeds from the ground is totally a difficult activity. You need to exert full force by hands while pulling the roots of the weeds. Using these herbicides simply kills the wild weeds from the land without any force. You will not get pain in the back, hands or legs and easily remove weeds from the fields.

2. Eliminates the weeds completely

When you pull the weeds physically, the weeds can grow after some weeks. Physically eliminating the weeds from the land does not work properly. On the other hand, persistent herbicide can control the weeds in an effective manner. They kill the weeds and stop their growth completely.

3. Long term relaxation

The weeds can really block the way for crops to grow. Apart from that, they also affect the quality of crops which are new. By using the herbicides, you will get better quality of plants and crops. Besides that, they also give you relief from weeds for many years. The weeds will not grow again on the land in which you spray herbicides.

Disadvantages of persistent herbicides

1. Damage environment

The herbicides can damage the environment including plants, animals, and humans. They can cause air and water pollution. By spraying these herbicides on the plants, the water bodies such as rivers, ponds, and lakes get polluted.

2. Spread of diseases

Using persistent herbicides on the plants can cause several skin diseases. They spread lung and respiratory diseases. The person who sprays it can suffer from shortness of breath, bronchitis, unconsciousness, and others. If the herbicides are swollen, they can lead to death.

3. Kills good crops

Since herbicides contain chemicals, they can kill the good crops. They may stop the growth of good quality plants. Besides that, these chemicals can even damage your soil and harm the crops.

4. Kills beneficial insects

Not all insects in the soil are bad. Some insects like worms are necessary to make the soil porous. Herbicides can kill even the good insects and bacteria in the soil. These insects are necessary for the proper growth of crops.

Final words

The persistent herbicide is not safe for your health and animals. However, you can use it in minor quantities. Apart from that, you can find new ways to remove weeds such as latest cutters or mowers. In addition to that, you can use chemical-free solutions to eliminate weeds from the land completely.

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